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Testimonials: Testimonials

This is Mansi Deliwala From @craftoholicbymansi . I am a resin artist. It's been 1.5 years now that i started using Zhart Blowtorches. And It's still working wonderfully for me. I highly recommend it to all the Artists out there. I can Vouch on Its Safety factors, Quality and Durability.

Mansi Deliwala From @Craftoholicbymansi


Hi Friends,
We would like to share our experience for the Zhart Blow Torch for making Resin Art Products for our Business.
We are really happy with the quality of the blow torch and the ease with which it can be used. It has a safety lock to ensure it doesn't open up easily. The bubbles are removed very easily from the Art Piece.
You can also adjust the size and temperature of the flame with the flame adjustment knob.
We highly recommend this product to all the Resin Artist and felllow Crafters. It's a professional torch which can also be used in Cooking.

Craft Playhouse


Being Resin Artist, the Blow Torch is necessary tool for every project that I make whether it’s big or small. When I started my journey, I was bit worried of which one to have and whether it will be safe to use. Then I came across Zhart, I would say the most needed timely encounter I had. It’s handy, easy to use and we can control the flame as well. Zhart’s blow torch is so safe that flame won’t touch your hand even if you use it in high flame.

Whenever I think of Blow torch, only Zhart comes to my mind. Thank you so much for having this long lasting superior quality Blow Torch and for making our work easy.

I proudly recommend Zhart to every Resin artist out there as you name the feature you want to have in your tool and they have it.

Vaishali Shah From Art & Soul

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